Guelph NDP Chooses New Positions

At its annual general meeting on January 24th, Guelph NDP members elected a new executive, provincial council delegates, and delegates to the 2017 provincial convention to be held in April.

President: Andy Pappin
Vice President: Geoff Krauter
CFO: Andrew Johnson
Secretary: Anne Gajerski-Cauley
Membership: Jon Peddie
Election Preparedness Committee Chair: Geoff Krauter
Communications: Tim Mathewson
Women’s Rep: Anne Gajerski-Cauley
Aboriginal Rep: Zoey Ross
Disability Rep: Geoff Krauter
Education and Outreach: Andy Pappin
Environmental Rep: George Kelly

Provincial Council Reps: Betty Jane Antanavici and David Josephy.
Alternates are Laurie Garbutt and Andrew Seagram.

The following people were confirmed as delegates to the upcoming provincial convention:
Andrew Johnson, Zoey Ross, Andy Pappin, Jon Peddie, Geoff Krauter, Jon Beharry and Anne Gajerski-Cauley.