AGM Set for January 20th

The Guelph NDP has set its 2018 Annual General Meeting for Saturday, January 20th. The meeting will take place on the second floor at the Guelph Central Library (100 Norfolk St.). Registration will begin at 2:00pm. Attendees will have an opportunity to elect the 2018 Guelph NDP Executive. Further information will be announced in the coming weeks. Please see below for a description of the Executive positions.




President: As President of the Guelph NDP Riding Association, you represent the NDP in our riding. You are the contact person for the media, other members locally, the party (federally and provincially if you are the president of both) and Elections Ontario/Canada. For a political junkie, it is a fabulous opportunity to see how the party works at a grassroots level and develop an understanding of political organizing.

Vice President: The Vice-President coordinates riding association items and planning in consultation with the president and can step in for the president, if necessary.

Secretary: The Secretary, in collaboration with the president and other members of the executive, sets the agenda for meetings and ensures proper documentation of meetings occurs. The Secretary is the keeper of the collective riding knowledge!

Education and Outreach Chair: The Education and Outreach chair is responsible for distributing information about NDP news and policies to the Guelph NDP membership. He/she should also conduct outreach efforts with current members as well as various interest groups and stakeholders.

Provincial Council delegates attend Provincial Council meetings meeting to represent the Guelph Riding Association. They report on issues and matters discussed at Provincial Council. The Election Readiness Officer is responsible for the maintenance of election records and is responsible for ensuring that the riding is prepared for the next election.

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Association, reporting regularly to the Executive concerning the state of the Association’s finances, and preparing an annual financial report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Chair: The Membership chair gets up to date membership lists as they become available from provincial office. The membership chair makes notes of changes in membership numbers and initiates membership drives to ensure we are reaching our community.

Communications Chair: The Communications chair is responsible for communicating news and information about the Guelph NDP to members, the media, interested stakeholders, and the general electorate. This can take the form of writing press releases for media outlets as well as assisting with the Guelph NDP newsletter, website and other social media forms.