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Agnieszka (Aggie) Mlynarz was born between Poland and Canada in the south of Germany shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her parents met during the 1980s through a student union sympathetic to the Solidarity movement started by the Polish Trade Union; an anti-bureaucratic movement rooted in advancing workers’ rights and
social change in politically repressive Communist Poland. Her parents chose to immigrate, seeking a country with a healthy democracy based on progressive policy.

They moved to Waterloo in 1990 and relocated to Guelph in 1998. Aggie found her political voice in the arts. For over a decade she worked in the independent film industry, beginning as a volunteer and member at Ed Video; a not for
profit, charitable organization supporting independent media art and artists. Her time in the industry taught her that communication is a powerful tool for groups to raise awareness around issues of racial and sexual discrimination, as well as environmentaland economic vulnerabilities in the community.

She holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Guelph Theatre Studies Department where she focused on a broad range of social justice issues with a concentration on political theatre in Canada. Much of her activism took place on the stage; finding the personal in local issues. She wrote and performed pieces on navigating feminism through social media, local conflicts between environmental activists and developers, in addition to tackling issues of union and labour reform. In collaboration with other artists she has worked on projects addressing women’s health and reproductive rights.

Aggie moonlights as a bingo host for ARCH’s (HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health) fundraisers aimed at raising awareness on safe sexual practices in addition to gender and sexual diversity. Over the years her passion for social justice has transformed into a deeply rooted belief in civic responsibility. Her research and partnership to communicate challenges faced by individual members to the community at large is her main motivation in pursuing
political office. She affirms it is the position of politicians to listen and to ensure communication is open and accessible to every constituent. She looks forward to building a collaboration between Guelph and Queens Park for a better Ontario. Her favourite animal is the river otter and she strives to be as clever and curious in approaching everyday problems. As a resident for almost 20 years, she considers Guelph, Ontario to be her hometown.

A note from Aggie:

I am proud to have grown up in a city that has a history of taking bold, progressive initiatives to better the lives of its residents. Guelph is a unique ​riding, defined by the same borders that are the city’s limits. That supports its residents and services at all levels of government. That’s why this provincial election is so important to Guelph. We need to elect a government with policies that support​ the services we use as residents and recognizes where changes in
the legislature need to happen to support the needs of this community now.

The NDP is a party that believes a healthy society starts by supporting the people that live in it by developing policy that protects​ public services while also recognizing where we can do better. This is why the Ontario NDP wants to address overcrowding in hospitals and offer a Pharmacare plan that covers all ages. We are the party that stands with unions because we recognize that these organizations are what defend people. We are the party that has a plan to lower hydro bills in Ontario now and invest more in the transition​ to a renewable economy.

I’m seeking the nomination to represent the NDP in Guelph in the next provincial election. I see a party that reflects the progressive​ values of the city I grew up in. I see a party that recognizes where more could be done and a city that could benefit from it today for tomorrow.

Together we can make that happen,

– Aggie