1. What is your political philosophy and how does it match with the NDP’s vision?

I would like to think that my political philosophy is a simple and straightforward one: that the purpose of governance is to make the lives of the people at large better. Government should provide security and safety, health and education, equal opportunity, fair treatment under the law and environmental and economic growth for all. When I look at the NDP’s vision for Ontario, I feel that my personal vision is why I got involved with this party in the first place.

  1. What issues do you hope to focus on during your nomination campaign and/or the election (should you win the nomination)?

As a person coming from labour, I would focus on the changes that came about in Bill 148 and speak to the challenges that lay ahead to make certain that living and working in Ontario continues to be affordable for employees and employers alike.  I believe the government should return Hydro One to the people and make it profitable and affordable at the same time. I would look to find a way to avoid the cyclical strikes students face so they can concentrate on their education uninterrupted and have it delivered at its highest standards.

  1. Describe how your past experiences will help you in this endeavour.

As a union rep, I have negotiated tough and fair contracts on behalf of my members, getting the best deal possible for both sides. I have stood on strike lines when workers were being taken advantage of and made difficult decisions when it came to upholding the terms of those agreements. I have worked with my committee members and management to change the culture of the workplace to a more positive and productive one. I believe I am a strong leader with the understanding that the team is essential to overall success.

  1. Is there anything else that you wish to add?

I hold firm to the belief that  the present way of doing things does not mean we should not always be looking at opportunities to improve on making what we already have better, more inclusive and reflective of what those possibilities are.

One should always be willing to as why…..