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“NDP hopeful McCann-Pappin steps out of the shadows”


Andy was born and raised in Guelph and grew up in the Ward. He has a diploma from Fanshawe College, a degree in philosophy and political science from the University of Guelph and a graduate certificate in public service from Conestoga College. Since graduating, he has worked a number of jobs in the public sector including with Guelph Wellington Dufferin Public Health and the City of Toronto. Andy currently works at the Guelph campus co-op in student housing. He has been a local activist, leading the local chapter of the coalition against privatization when they hydro sell-off was announced. Andy is part of the organizing committee for the local chapter of the Green New Deal.  He has been involved heavily with the Guelph NDP for the past five years. Andy has served and worked in many roles in campaigns and on the riding association and he is hoping to now take the next logical step into public life.


Geoff Krauter, former Guelph NDP president:

“Andy is one of those rare people in an activist or volunteer organization who always shows up. An elected official’s first and paramount priority is putting in the work on behalf of  their constituents. That is Andy to a tee. He has been there to do the hard work of organizing in these challenging times, both inside our party and in the community.

Andy was among the first to answer the call when the provincial Liberal government ramped up their attacks on public services, making it clear that Guelph says no to privatization. He has been instrumental in organizing with our allies in labour and at city hall for a timely and transformational response to the climate emergency unfolding today. His values are unshakable and rooted in lived experience .

Most importantly, Andy knows intuitively what many organizers learn from hard experience: the strength of any leader is the ability to build up and support the leaders that come after them. As Guelph’s Member of Parliament, he will not only be a voice for the working poor, the students, the environment and marginalized communities; I am confident he will build up the strong, active and unapologetically left movement that Guelph deserves.

Andy has shown up for us. I hope you will respect his commitment and show up for him on June 22!”


James Gord0n, Councillor for Ward 2:

“I am so pleased that Andrew McCann-Pappin has put his name forward as a candidate for the upcoming federal election. He’s been working tirelessly for quite a few years now behind the scenes for the party with passion, commitment and loyalty. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to step forward and represent us well. Andy played a major role in a number of my own political campaigns, so I saw first hand his considerable skills and political ‘smarts’. With his background, and with the profile he’s gaining in our community as an advocate for many of the issues that align with NDP values, I have no hesitation in endorsing him. Andy will do us proud in October!”



  1. What is your political philosophy and how does it match with the NDP’s vision?
    I believe that it is time politicians need to stop thinking only of how to win the next elections. Instead, they should focus on long term sustainable solutions to the issues that continue to threaten our society: income inequality, the climate crisis, and maintaining a healthy democratic multicultural society. The NDP is the only party that has presented viable, long-term solutions to these issues.


  1. What issues do you hope to focus on during your nomination campaign and/or the election (should you win the nomination)?
    In Guelph, it is important to focus on issues that matter to the people here; the climate crises affordable housing and health care will be my top priorities. There is also a need to push back against the agendas of Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer and actively stand against the spread of politics based on fear and hatred of the other.


  1. Describe how your past experiences will help you in this endeavour.
    My time working in the public sector as well as my community work, both with and away from the NDP, have enhanced the knowledge I have gained working on all the past campaigns dating back to 2014. It has given me a sound understanding of the community as a whole and the different and diverse nature of Guelph as a city.


  1. Is there anything else that you wish to add?
    To add to my political experiences, I have a great degree of lived experiences. I understand deeply the need for improved mental health and addictions services having a brother and father who have struggled with both. I have lived the hardships of precarious work and income insecurity working as a temp contract worker for most of my adult life. I see the struggle of people to pay for their medications and other healthcare needs everyday with both my parents living on disability.