1. What is your political philosophy and how does it match with the NDP’s vision?

I support a defined social safety net, one that provides not just care or security but education that leads to a better life for everyone.

Post-secondary education should be made freely available to all who want it. Education in academic or trade pursuits should be encouraged and programs for paths to placement created.


  1. What issues do you hope to focus on during your nomination campaign and the election?

I will confront the Liberals on their corruption and lack of integrity towards Ontarians.  Child poverty is a huge concern. I worked with Peel Regional Police to deliver breakfast programs to primary school children. Another concern of mine is assisting in the development of free post-secondary education, as well as trade skills development.


  1. Describe how your past experiences will help you in this endeavour.

I have been Involved in environmental groups and unions for decades. I worked as the director of WasteWise, a community-based recycling charity that takes people’s used items, resells them, and injects monies back into the town’s schools in the shape of environmental- based scholarships as well as working with environmental organizations that work to make our planet healthier. WasteWise has allowed me to meet and work with many conservation groups. As OPSEU’s harassment and discrimination investigator, I was afforded a greater understanding of human rights needs, and my time as a union steward gave me the knowledge to oppose injustices.


  1. Is there anything else that you wish to add?

We can be a better community and province if we work together and stop accepting the status quo. We can live more productive lives by making decisions based upon a quality of life balanced with conscience. I will work to achieve those goals with you.