Jahangir Chosen as Guelph NDP Candidate

On Saturday in front of a packed room of supporters at the Evergreen Seniors Centre, Guelph New Democrats chose Aisha Jahangir as their nominee to run in the federal election this fall.

Jahangir defeated local activist Andy McCann-Pappin.

Throughout the nomination campaign, Jahangir has cited pharmacare as a top priority.  She noted in her speech that, as a registered nurse for many years, she has had a “front-row seat” to see the gaps in our health-care system, particularly the issues related to her specialty, mental health care.

Throughout her career, Jahangir has advocated for nurses – as a local coordinator in Guelph for more than a decade and as president of the bargaining unit for two years while working at Homewood.

She says she decided to run for the nomination because she has been “inspired by the new generation of activists and leaders, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jacinda Ardern.They understand that the impact of environmental degradation and climate change will be greatest on those with the fewest resources.”

In her victory speech, Jahangir reached out to McCann-Pappin, telling him she appreciates all of the work that he has done for the party and “would be honoured” to have him on her campaign team.

Jahangir says she plans to “bring the social movements together” by addressing social justice issues and the ever-growing wealth gap.