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Delegate Selection and Resolutions Meeting

We will be holding a meeting on Saturday, December 9th from 2-4pm on the second floor of the downtown Central Library (100 Norfolk St.) to choose delegates and discuss resolutions for the next Federal Convention to be held February 16th-18th in Ottawa. All members can bring forward a resolution, but only members in good standing (for at least 30 days) can vote at the meeting or be selected as a delegate. For more details, please view the resolutions guide:–ottawa2018-documents/docs/Guide_to_Resolutions_2017_EN.pdf

Information on the upcoming convention can be viewed here.


Guelph NDP Chooses New Positions

At its annual general meeting on January 24th, Guelph NDP members elected a new executive, provincial council delegates, and delegates to the 2017 provincial convention to be held in April.

President: Andy Pappin
Vice President: Geoff Krauter
CFO: Andrew Johnson
Secretary: Anne Gajerski-Cauley
Membership: Jon Peddie
Election Preparedness Committee Chair: Geoff Krauter
Communications: Tim Mathewson
Women’s Rep: Anne Gajerski-Cauley
Aboriginal Rep: Zoey Ross
Disability Rep: Geoff Krauter
Education and Outreach: Andy Pappin
Environmental Rep: George Kelly

Provincial Council Reps: Betty Jane Antanavici and David Josephy.
Alternates are Laurie Garbutt and Andrew Seagram.

The following people were confirmed as delegates to the upcoming provincial convention:
Andrew Johnson, Zoey Ross, Andy Pappin, Jon Peddie, Geoff Krauter, Jon Beharry and Anne Gajerski-Cauley.


ONDP Convention Set for April 20th-23rd

The ONDP have announced the date for the next provincial convention. It is scheduled for April 20th to 23rd, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Guelph delegates for this convention will be selected at the AGM on January 24th. More details can be found on page 1 of the latest newsletter.


Sign the Petition to Say No to Food Waste in Grocery Stores. Feed Guelph’s Hungry!

Guelph elementary school teacher, social activist and former Guelph NDP Executive member Laurie Garbutt has started a petition to develop bylaws and rules to distribute food that would otherwise be wasted by grocery stores and restaurants to food banks and community organizations who feed those in need. You can view more information here. If you’re interested in signing the petition, you can view it in its entirety here.


Click here to view our December 2016 newsletter


LEAP Manifesto

Want to know how LEAP compares with existing NDP policy?

Click here to view a chart comparing LEAP and the 2015 federal platform.

Or click here to see how LEAP compares to existing NDP policies.


LEAP visual

To read the full text of the LEAP Manifesto, please click here.


View our spring 2016 newsletter here.


Education and Outreach Committee Seeks Members

We are seeking individuals to join our Education and Outreach Committee. The goal of this committee is to find better ways of reaching out to community organizations within the riding and to build an institutional memory as such. Ultimately, the committee should be a place where we can communicate our platform and ideas to these organizations, but also where these organizations can express concerns and policy ideas to the riding so that we may forward them up the food chain on their behalf or as policy suggestions in general. We would like the committee to be open to any supporter– member or not–and ideally have people from these organizations sitting on it. Everyone is welcome to join. Feel free to contact me (Andrew Pappin) at 226-203-1277 or via email at

View Andrew Seagram's website at