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Guelph NDP choose local actor and director Aggie Mlynarz to run in 2018 election

Joined by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, the Guelph NDP riding association named community leader, Agnieszka (Aggie) Mlynarz as their candidate for June’s provincial election at a busy nomination meeting on Saturday.

“I am honoured to have Andrea Horwath here today, and I am proud to be running with an NDP team that represents the change that our community needs,” said Mlynarz.

“After 15 years of Liberal government, only Andrea and the NDP will restore funding for the public services we need like health care and education cut by Kathleen Wynne.  We will reverse Wynne’s privatization of Hydro One and bring down our hydro bills, and defend our environment and our drinking water.

Aggie lives in Guelph.  She graduated from the University of Guelph with a Masters in Theatre Studies. In addition, she has served as an assistant director on five films, as well as in a number of different roles on other productions.  As a recent graduate from university, she understands how much tuition burdens students before they have a chance to start.

“We need change in Guelph, but the Doug Ford Conservatives represent change for the worse.  Ford has promised to cut and privatize our public services even more than Wynne has,” said Mlynarz, “ and he has no plan to make life more affordable for families or students, or protect our environment.”

“With Andrea Horwath and the NDP, we will convert student loans to grants and create thousands of student coop jobs.  And we will finally have an Ontario Water Strategy based on sustainable public access to water.  Water is a public trust, and simply increasing permit prices isn’t the answer.  The needs of the people of Ontario – and future generations – must always come first.

“Andrea and the NDP will expand health care coverage to include pharmacare and dental care for everyone.  We will invest in our hospitals, in our schools, and in job creation.

“New Democrats will bring change for the better to this community.”


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Guelph NDP Chooses New Executive

At a meeting on January 20th, the Guelph NDP elected a new executive for the 2018 year.
President: Andrew Johnson
Vice-President (provincial):Jordan Lemcke

Vice-President (federal): Agnieszka Mlynarz

CFO (provincial): Sarah Whelan

CFO (federal): Tina Sorbara

Secretary: Jon Beharry

EPC: Michael Carlucci and Tina Sorbara (co-chairs)

Membership chair: Jon Peddie

Communications:Tim Mathewson

Education and Outreach: Mike Foley

Provincial Council reps: Betty-Jane Antanavicius and Geoff Krauter

Provincial Council alternates: David Josephy and Sarah Whelan

Disability rep: Geoff Krauter

Aboriginal rep: Irene Hanuta

Ethnocultural rep: Michael Carlucci

LGBT rep: Sarah Whelan

Environmental rep: Mike Foley
Youth rep: Jordan Lemcke

Women’s rep: to be filled by new executive.