The Guelph New Democratic Party Electoral District Association is a local EDA of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

President: Jordan Lemcke

Our Mission and Purpose

We are active as a political party in our community and partner with diverse organizations and advocacy groups within Guelph, to bring events and community engagement opportunities, with the goal of effecting positive change in our community and across our country. Ultimately, we believe that by electing a New Democrat Member of Parliament, we will be able to successfully effect that change in tangible, realistic ways.

The purpose of the Association is:

  • To nominate the candidate of the New Democratic Party in each federal election and to conduct a campaign to elect the candidate;
  • To support and promote the principles and policies of the New Democratic Party of Canada through political education and organization; and
  • To afford to its members a forum for participation in the development of party policy on federal issues and party governance.

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The Guelph Federal NDP EDA operates in accordance with the direction of the Federal Council and the Constitution of the New Democratic Party of Canada. The affairs of the Guelph Federal NDP EDA itself are governed by the model constitution.